Rankin Creative is kicking off 2023 with the full release of “Through The Lens” - a unique snapshot of current UK marketing thinking in a series of short films. A diverse range of top marketers share their insights, worries and inspiration with Rankin behind the lens.  

“As I am building the Rankin Creative agency, I wanted to listen to the best marketers around on what motivated them and what they are looking for. They were kind enough to give me a few hours each and we felt it was a pretty remarkable set of experiences that we should share with everyone” said Rankin. “Whether it was a kind of therapy as to why marketing really matters or even a validation of a career choice, it was too good to be left private, so Through The Lens was born. We teased a few of these pre-Christmas and realised the interest was there to make it worth the while to put them all up on a site. We have nearly 20 completed and more will surely follow since there is so much worth talking about in UK marketing thinking!”

The series started with John Rudaizky from EY, Ellie Norman from Manchester United (and Formula 1 before that) and Peter Semple from Depop. The full set adds many more notable marketing figures, including Anna Braithwaite of M+S, Zaid Al-Qassab of Channel 4, Kenyatte Nelson who was just announced in his new role at the Co-op Bank and Margaret Jobling of NatWest.

Head over to rankin.co.uk/work/TTL to see them.