With the new short film 'The Call' written and directed by Jordan Rossi for Switchboard and supported by RANKIN CREATIVE, we get an intimate look at one person's journey towards self-discovery and acceptance. It stars the incredible Adam Ali and the voices of David Ames, Max Harwood & Oliver Wickham.

Through powerful storytelling and raw emotions we get to see Amir, a young individual exploring their sexuality and identity through conversations with Switchboard. Navigating the turbulent emotions of their obstacles to ultimately find peace in being their true self.

To gain a deeper understanding of the LGBTQ+ community and some of the challenges they face, The Call is a must watch and an important reminder of the importance of support, understanding, and the significant impact it can have on someone's life experience.

Switchboard, the LGBT+ Helpline provides a safe space for anyone to discuss anything which you can now for free on 0800 0119 100.

Watch the full film on YouTube.