We all know that love languages differ for everyone, everywhere. In the UK authentic, self-deprecating humour reigns over Hollywood clichés. So to ensure their global campaign was hitting the mark in the UK, Match.com challenged us to get nosey with British women’s love lives.

Our extraordinary strategy worked directly with Match’s audience to find timely cultural conversations & behavioural insights on the kinds of love stories they wanted. With this knowledge of British women's love languages, we turned these nuggets of gold into brand strategy and campaign executions.

But storytelling doesn’t stop at the last chapter, it stops where the story is told. 

We needed to understand the voices and places in which women would want to hear the tales we were looking to tell. So to go on to create a truly resonant campaign we approached creator selection focusing on authenticity over audience size, and relatability over reach. 

With love more than anything, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.