Phantom: Rules Rewritten

Rolls-Royce’s heritage is renowned. It’s history, legend. But when your product is of such exceptional quality, you can afford to push the boundaries – not just lean on the century past.


The customer base has diversified, and attitudes with it. For phantom, the pinnacle, we ripped up the rule book. We challenged what people thought they knew about Rolls-Royce. We shattered expectations and made the audience sit up and take note.


Our highly saturated, indulgent, bold film saw a woman take the wheel. Gwendoline Christie, no less. A woman whose talent and presence radiates through the screen. We tore up the traditional with a powerful, irreverent, enormously playful campaign which positioned Rolls-Royce as a brand to be reckoned with in the here and now. A proponent of modern luxury.

We produced a wealth of content – from the hero film, a behind-the-scenes exclusive, to opulent stills and deep dives into product details, we were able to create a rollout with real longevity.


Rules rewritten resonated with this new attitude for a new era clocking up over 1.4 million views and 1.36 million likes. It even inspired content from creators such as supercar blondie, demonstrating a significant, lasting impact on culture.

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