Luggage: Rebranding

For Rolls-Royce luggage and accessories, we created something unexpected. We crafted identities around the products – enabling the consumer to align their lifestyles with the collections. This key differentiation created a space for storytelling, a vital aspect when defining what it means to be a luxury brand.


Travel means something different to everyone, whether it’s for work, to explore, to relax or reconnect. Living out of a suitcase can feel like a sacrifice, a loss of comfort or identity.



Injecting meaning, energy and purpose into this campaign gave customers back something of themselves. An anchor to who they are amidst periods of transience. Centering the person, not the product, imbued a value beyond practicality.

Our creative set Rolls-Royce luggage and accessories apart from the automotive world. Our visceral, abstract visuals elevated something that could be mundane, to almost extraterrestrial.



Upon the release of our campaign, Rolls-Royce saw a significant spike in online sales. Our work so far has proved to be a compelling blueprint upon we can further expand this spectrum of identity, as the collections grow.

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