Dawn: Act on inspiration

Dawn is the independent, can’t-be-tied-down, free-spirited sibling to phantom’s out-and-out rebel.


We were asked to create a world of opportunity and optimism, to showcase the car in surprising ways. To write a transeasonal story of the convertible – unlimited by weather or sensibility.


And so we invited the audience to pick their own adventure, to revel in liberation from constraint, to take the path yet to be explored. This narrative-led approach buzzes with energy and intrigue, challenging the viewer to grab their keys and go. To follow wherever their intuition leads them.

The act on inspiration campaign delivers a series of short films focused on the theme of spontaneity. Each unique vignette launches the audience right into the middle of the story, showcasing the model and using its features as devices to inspire action – an open-ended narrative, full of freedom, choice and unanswered questions.


By the end of 2020, the campaign for dawn will have travelled across locations, seasons and to audiences around the world, getting them ready for more in 2021.

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