Cullinan Black Badge: Follow the night

Our work for Cullinan saw us crossing over to the dark side – crafting a clandestine world of mystery. A slick and intoxicating scene of wet tarmac and hot, glowing neon that dared the audience to escape into the unknown.


We created an aesthetic as yet unseen, appealing to those base, primal emotions. We recognised an audience who values more than status, that

Doesn’t just want a car to display on their driveway. We acknowledged those desiring the thrill of the chase, those seeking a way to live out their fantasies – and with this exhilarating campaign, we answered their call.


Teaming up with world-renowned director Joseph Kahn, we created an all-consuming cinematic film – locking down the city streets to establish the urban underworld of black badge. An overwhelming sensory experience, packed full of stunts, allowed the audience to lose themselves in a narrative of thrill-seeking – where control is relinquished and subconscious urges explored.



Our follow the night campaign garnered 1.56 million views, eclipsing the target of 25k. This success resulted in 77 orders in the first week, a massive
 30% higher than projected.

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